Welcome to the Homepage of Irish Festivals, you are about to embark on something magical.

Ireland is a beautiful country filled with rich, lush greenery, rolling hills, craggy mountain outcrops and castles of history and wonder. This is a country of people who have a vibrant spirit and a love of the rich taste of Guinness. Food is a delight for the Irish and they indulge in a variety of culinary treasures from all over the world.

The entertainment industry in Ireland is a hive of activity, casinos are a popular choice of fun for many people, the thrill and excitement reach a climax as you enter the doors of the world-renowned facilities.

The Cork Midsummer Festival is an attraction that warrants attention. A jam-packed event of activities for everyone who loves fun. Start your festivities at the Woodford Bourne Pub and revel in the excitement of the Irish stories and lyrical tunes. Allow us to take you on a tour of what is in store for you.

The rich Irish culture and heritage are evident in everything they do and each activity is an experience filled with learning opportunities. Gain insight into the Irish traditions and indulge in the taste of Ireland’s finest beer, Guinness.

Enjoy the scenes of the green that engulfs the country on St. Patrick’s day and delve into the history of a nation that prides itself on where they came from. The roots of the Irish are firmly rooted in the soil and always will be.