A Community That Sweats and Smiles Together Begins At An Irish Festival

The best time of your life is when you are at your fittest. This is what Islands WellFest does for people, it gives them the opportunity to have fun and get entertained while they continue and encourage others around them to exercise, work on the body and to enjoy the process. The event incorporates a number of fitness wear brands, promotes healthy food (recipes and its nutrients) and encourages everyone to look after their mental health. The event is hosted by qualified and experienced experts who preach that good things come to those who sweat it out.

To Go For It All Over Ireland

In the past the pop-up events where only held at one location in Island where fitness enthusiast would all have to go to the location and make sure that they are there early before the gates where closed. With the high demand for a workout that puts everyone in a good mood, the organizers have decided to give people what they need and organize a tour all across Ireland. This will give the people from all over the nation an opportunity to go. The tour is completely free and outdoors with a community of physically and emotionally strong-minded people.

Train Differently With An Army Of Strength

The amazing tour will start on the 21st of July in Kilkenny and will pop up again at Waterford in July the 28th and Cork in August the 11th 2018. It is essential that people who are eager to go have to go to the WellFest website to register. There are activities that will guarantee exercising and healthy eating very appealing. It is also a great place to network with a diverse number of people who have the same interests as you. There are departments that range from cardio right down to yoga. Children are also welcome as they will be motivated to become active from an early age.