Every parent knows that there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your child happy. You want to celebrate them and give them the world. You can start off by taking them to the Sunrise Children’s Festival. This is a warm and beautiful event dedicated to all children. This glorious festival is filled with many activities that the little ones can enjoy being a part of. Including puppet shows, yoga, storytelling, circus, live music, and comedy. There is also the option to camp on Saturday evening and there is tons of food to ensure the family doesn’t go hungry. It is held the last week of July and it is a good excuse for the family to take time off to bond.

Groups Who Put The Event Together

This fun-filled event has been running for three years now. Brigit’s Garden has been hosting it and teaming up with various organizations, one of them is Imaginosity Children’s Museum. The museum brought an element of science and wonder. Their activities are normally aimed at the 8 to 12-year-old kids. Another group that has joined forces with the Celtic gardens is Down-to-earth Green Crafts. They are known to help children learn about nature and explore it, by making wooden swords and neck pieces.

The Cream Of The Crop

Of all the activities there is one that will excite the kids, and have them on their feet. It’s the main stage where nursery rhymes and a DJ awaits to get them dancing and singing along. The best part is children who are under the age of three get to enter for free. Brigit’s Garden is a non-profit organisation, so all the money goes to keeping the garden alive for the community as a whole. So when you support this initiative, you are preserving the garden for your little ones as well. Just ensure that you book on time to secure space for your family.