Summertime, regardless of which side of the hemisphere you are located, is one of the seasons that allow for embracing a national heritage in great celebrations. This time of the year is welcomed by some diverse showcases of local and international entertainment. From the 12th of June to the 26th there is no better place to be than the Cork festival. Outstanding world class presentations are provided for all guests. These range from different types of live music and massive band performances to circus, dance, visual arts and new and exciting concepts.

Travel By Air, Land, and Sea

Planning transportation which will be convenient for everyone attending is important. Budget, the distance of travel and financial capabilities influence the mode that is chosen. Fortunately, local and international flights cater to those traveling to attend the various summer festivals. Corks international airport is also Ireland’s third largest, bringing in holidaymakers in their droves. For the adventure seekers, other modes include boat ferries and the most traveled is the Roscoff ferry route. Naturally, this route takes you from France to Ireland and vice versa. Alternatively, you can opt to drive, by using various car rentals which aim to offer affordable vehicles while you are in Cork.

Opportunity Granted Under the Sun

Besides providing vitamin D the sun has a way of stimulating the senses. Corks summer festivals add to the jovial nature. With that said, this is also an opportunity to take in some the local landscapes such as having a picnic at the stunning Fitzgerald’s Park. Other festivities also utilize the park to showcase their performances to an entertainment-hungry audience. The traditional carousels and carnival rides make part of the festivities to be enjoyed. Circus performances as an addition, are a trip down memory lane. Food is also in abundance, so everyone attending is sure to maximize their outdoor time. Offerings include both local Irish dishes alongside international ones.