Ireland’s Beauty – The Voice Is Now Only A Whisper

The wild and open spaces are what the tourists come to see when visiting Ireland. Wherever you are in the country, the island holds magnificent landscapes with a beauty much more prevalent than any other. Attracting tourists has become nothing more than advertising. The beauty and wonder of the country are sprawled across all forms of advertising material and the treasures the island holds are bared to the world in writing and pictures, however, what use is that when the actual rarities are not looked after in reality. In Ireland, this has been common practice for far too long.

A Bad Picture Painted

The visitors’ center located at Connemara is run down and far from attractive for tourists and the park is far from the full of the Twelve Ben range. Killarney has major deer herd problems and according to the European Commission, the state is not doing their part in protecting the native oaks. The government could soon find themselves in hot water for failing to allocate conservation areas. The Wicklow Mountains National Park has come under fire for illegal for activities in the area causing irreparable damage to the area and the wildlife habitats. Illegal mountain and quad bike riding, sheep farming, commercial forestry and the bad management of vegetation burning are all instrumental in the destructive path. This is only the tip of the iceberg but it’s melting fast and the Irish landscape is taking the brunt of it.

Increasing Tourism, No Point

While the government is set on improving facilities for the tourists, there really is no point when the wildlife and landscapes the come to see are not more. There may be more facilities but over the years there will be less to see and in effect a less flourishing tourist economy. It seems that those in power have forgotten that once the natural beauty is gone, no money in the world will be able to buy it back.