Historical beliefs are a part of life and are carried through the ages. The Irish, like many other world nationalities, have their own various specific and different superstitions. This seemingly illogical beliefs are often unrelated to current events and can appear to impact the future both negatively or positively. This may come from what you see, do or don’t do and even the time of the year at which an event takes place. For many scientific thinkers, superstitions are part of human irrationality but are still integral parts of our current high tech and virtually mobile society.

For The Power Within Fairies

Irish folklore has influenced dramatically the current landscape of the world. This is seen in the making of movies which are a natural part of growing up in Ireland. The belief in fairies and other mythical creatures is not uncommon. It is the belief that seeing a fairy is a symbol of good luck and even today, people yearn to encounter these magical wonders, hopefully in their own gardens. However, it is essential that these creatures are not disturbed because they are considered vengeful. Strange occurrences range from the worse being death and the other being a disturbance of sleep.

Good Luck Of The Four Leaf Clover

As high tech as the world may be, it still holds true that many people still believe in luck. The same holds true for symbols of luck. For some it many using or hanging a horseshoe, but for the Irish, it is the four leaf clover that is considered the best luck a person can have. That is due to the fact this natural plant’s four leaves represent the essentials of life, which are luck, faith, love and hope. It is the quintessential all in one encompassing charm and regardless of the extent of belief, it is clear to see why it holds such allure.