Myrtle Allen – The Smell Of Warm Bread Baking

Myrtle Allen is a legend in Ireland. She was born in Quaker, Country Cork which is situated in the southern areas of Ireland. Once married, she produced many children and began to cook. She prepared delicious, straight-forward, natural meals from the farmhouse for guests. Her efforts did not go unnoticed and she became well-known as one of the most renowned cooks and hoteliers in the world. She pioneered the slow cooking method. Wholesome goodness served up in true Irish style with no frills and no fuss. A holiday idyll far from the stresses of life.

Ballymaloe Farmhouse

It was odd that good food and eating could be associated with fresh vegetables, meat and the home-cooking of a farmers wife. For those who were used to the finer things in life, the surprise was one that caught them unaware. A family recount of their first visit to the farmhouse, when it was not yet widely known and although it had just been awarded a Michelin Star, still flew under the radar somewhat. The experience was one that has left an imprint in their hearts and memories. This was the first of many visits to the farmhouse for the family.

Control and Growth

Myrtle Allen created an environment of warmth within the farmhouse, one that people wanted to be a part of. Her control and the atmosphere allowed the hotel to grow and with that word spread and fame was knocking on the door. The personal attention and motherly care Myrtle bestowed on all her guests made them feel welcome and part of a family no doubt. He cookbook graces the shelves of many all over the world and if you close your eyes you can smell the rosemary lamb. While her food was amazing, it was how she embraced all who entered her door that has had an impact on many childhood memories and lives. She lives on in her recipes.