New Beginnings From The Same Old Love In Ireland’s Festival

Westival is a recognized and awe-inspiring festival in Ireland that has decided to upgrade their image into a new one that promises to be better and superior to what was referred as Westport Music & Arts Festival. The name and image change still upholds the primary standard from the Ireland festival which is the brilliant arts and culture by and for the local people and the great music session. The Festival will also strive to encourage local quiet introverts with loud creative minds to come out of their shell and to display their creativity for the whole of Western Ireland to see.

A Festive Of Artistic Hope

The festival is not like ordinary gatherings where there is loud rioting music accompanied by pollution and offensive drunkards. Founded by Conor Wilson Westival is a six-day fiesta that will take place from the 24th to the 29th October. Those days are assured to be relaxing, entertaining and consisting of good food, arts and great local, national and international company. Patrons will have the honor of enjoying their time indoors at Holy Trinity Church and Town Hall Theatre, on the magnificent Westport town and County Moyo. It is the place to spend your free time after a winning on, and before Halloween.

Eco-Friendly Keeps The World Happy

People who show interests or a willingness to learn about a sustainable world that incorporates recycling will be very pleased with one of the programmes called IDENTITY. This is a platform for visual artists to display their projects made out of renewable materials. This is to prove a point to visitors that earth inspired by an eco-town (Westport) can thrive eco-friendly. The festival is aimed to celebrate the beauty of Westport and to attract customers and clients that are looking for a good time and to recognize artists and performers as their elements. The days won’t be dull as a diverse number of people come through to participate or observe.