New Opportunities Arise for the Irish Tourism Market

Since the recent passing on of Irish Michelin star-winner, Myrtle Allen, this past June (2018), one thing many cannot dispute is the heights that Ireland’s food industry can attain. Of course, this would require some ambitious drive, vision, and a whole lot of hard-work from up and coming, as well as current food industry professionals. The bar has been set, and it has been set so high. The hope is that this will only lead to new blood coming in and meeting or exceeding the already set bar. It is not easy to achieve what Mrs. Allen managed to achieve and instill into the Irish food industry. She managed to put iconic Irish-themed cuisine on the world map.

In With the New And Bold

Allen’s contribution to the food industry will not soon be forgotten; she inspired a new wave of a world-class restaurant and food entrepreneurs. These young and old Irish cuisine master-chefs and food enthusiasts are pursuing their hopes and dreams of creating their own business models, both locally and internationally. Ensuring that they are serving their customers with food that is of the highest quality, this initiative will need to be founded on the basis of developing a sustainable, efficient network of food producers and restaurateurs. This network will help to up culinary blood that will help to conquer not only local market but also international market.

How Will This Look Like?

Some may reckon that there has already been such a network developed, and this is why people like Mrs. Allen were able to leave behind the kind of legacy they have. This may, in fact, be true, but now the initiative has to be integrated into the tourism culture of Ireland. This will mean seeking out and promoting small and medium-sized restaurants and pubs throughout the country. As such, the tourism department will have to place focus on local restaurants the same way they do with sites and locations.