Sweet Delights Head For Irish Shores

A week-long dessert festival is heading Ireland between July 23-29. The sweet treats presented will be the crowning moment for many ice cream parlors, restaurants and cafes throughout Ireland. The creation that will kick the festival off is something quite spectacular. A 13 lb Jagermeister gelato sundae which features tropical punch and trimmings of deep-fried plums, served with mini bottles of a booze-filled digestif is one way of showing what magnificence awaits. Casanova Gelato in Cork takes the honors. Loosen your belts and indulge in Ireland’s finest specialties of everything that is sinful.

Not Quite Traditional

While festivals usually take the businesses out of their comfort zone and put them in unfamiliar territory, however, this festival allows them to remain on their own domain. While this helps the restaurants, cafes and the like to increase the footfall to their own facilities it also allows them to be a part of something spectacular. Many business owners would love an opportunity like this but feel like a fish out of water in unfamiliar surroundings. The delights on offer are going to keep the dentists busy for many weeks maybe, but the flavors and delicacies are well worth it.

More Than Just Dessert

While the festival is a chance for restaurants across Ireland to showcase their creations, there is much more than meets the eye on offer. Pop-up events are scheduled where different delights can be tasted, dessert creating workshops to attend, Man vs Food challenges and the opportunity to showcase your own talents. Create something unique that will astonish the public. There are already a number of fantastic businesses from across the country signed up to take part and this is definitely going to be one of the sweetest and tastiest festivals ever held on the island, brace yourself for irresistible temptation.