If there were ever a checklist for festivals, this is what it would most likely comprise of. Stages, food stalls, the ambiance of being part of something bigger than you, and of course a unique selling point that sets it apart from other places. What makes the Fleadh Nua Festival exceptional, is that it’s more than just a means to enjoy yourself, but a real opportunity to learn more about the culture of Ireland. When you consider the sheer number of festivities this country has to offer both on a local and international scale, this is an extremely unique event .

From Humble Beginnings…

Admittedly, this emblematic congregation has adopted a name with an anticlimactic meaning. Especially when you consider that it’s been around since 1970 with the sole purpose of promoting the musical talents of Ireland back. Today, however, it would be safe to say that the ‘New Festival,’ as its tongue-twisting name to foreign lips denotes, has done well for itself. Encompassing more than just music in its celebration. A special thanks should be given to the Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, who were the people responsible for the creation of the festival 48 years ago

…To Getting Bigger With Time

Although the festivals name might be misleading in this day and age, one thing that remains clear is that the influx of people to Ennis is a culmination of all things Ireland. From the language to the music, art and folklore, as well as the food offered, this event stands to celebrate the country and its heritage. In the early days this celebration took place over a period of 3 days during the month of May. Now those days have been increased by 5 in order to accommodate the 120 events held for both locals, as well as visitors outside Ireland’s borders to enjoy.