Anyone with a passion for food needs to attend the annual four days Galway International Oyster & Seafood Festival in Ireland. Oysters are yummy sea creatures that many people can’t get enough of. They are commonly served ‘chilling on ice’ or drenched in explosive hot sauce. To experience this delight you must head to Ireland the last week of September at the Spanish Arch Marquee. It is the longest Oyster event in the world and the most highly recognized one as well. People have been gathering to celebrate and consume this aphrodisiac since 1954.

What To Expect At The Event

Other than eating some of your favorite oyster dishes, there are many other things to look forward to. Such as Seafood Trails, Tribal Oyster Feed off, food provenance tours, eating competitions, World Oyster Opening Championships, Mardi Gras style Gala Event, Foodie Talks and many other tasting events. This is literally the best foodie phenomenon ever, you will get to eat and be rewarded for it. Is there anything better than that? There are even cooking challenges for anyone aspiring to become a seafood chef. You can also sign yourself up for cooking demonstrations if there is something specific you want to learn.

Nutritional Value Of This Delight

Amid all the fun and excitement one can forget that this particular sea creature is not just tasty, but packs lots of nutritional value too. They are low in fat, rich in zinc, high in protein, selenium, vitamin B12, Copper, and Iron. So if you are on a diet or trying to replace some of the vitamins and minerals you lack, this is the food to eat. What better way to learn more about this food than at the festival? All the ingredients you will be eating at the event will be sourced locally. There are activities to entertain an entire family, so you can drag along your loved ones to come and enjoy as well.