The 19th century Georgian inspired designed building located in the city’s center is a social gathering pub and restaurant. Its unique historical architect is displayed and touched with some modern contemporary characteristics. Woodford is full of historical treasures that have been maintained to bring an original concept of Cork’s heritage. Food and drink bring people together, young and longstanding citizens and visitors from all walks of life to share the warm ambiance of true Irish distinctiveness. Well known for some of the best meals in the culinary world, it offers freshly prepared ingredients paired with international wines.

Quench Your Thirst and Curb Hunger

There are many Irish pubs around the world, and all of them compete in serving premium drinks. The Bourne Pub is a household name that keeps its standards high and original. Their drinks are served chilled and according to many preferences. Being a French-owned establishment, it is not uncommon to find this type of cuisine along with burgers and other European inspired meals. Besides the food, this pub is central to providing adequate meals during the various festivals that happen in and around Cork. It is central to providing visitors with adequate comfort during their stay, especially if they are there specifically to attend a local festival.

The Best of the Continental World

As in many parts of the world, what makes a pub truly memorable for any traveler is the type of environment it embodies. With a snug seating area and weekend live DJ music, this pub comes alive not only with limericks but a true sense of joviality too. It even features in TripAdvisor as one of the places to visit due to its unique Georgian building in the countryside setting of Cork. If the reviews are anything to go by, families with children are also likely to enjoy the setting. However, the highest praises do go to the staff and the service that is provided in this quaint eatery.