Originally crafted in the Dublin the capital of Ireland, Guinness stout is now the most far-reaching stout beer to be found globally. It is now, proudly, brewed in over fifty countries and widely distributed in a hundred more. A great feat for a dry stout which was the brainchild of Arthur Guinness in the 18th century. The founder was not only known for his skills in the brewery but also in the bedroom, having fathered 21 children. Ironically, the success of his stout might humor him, especially as it is now synonymous with Irish social drinking.

Pours Thicker And Tastes Better In Dublin

The good export and trade customs of the Irish have made this stout beer to be well traveled. Besides this, the product itself is lower in CO2, which is often responsible for the acidic taste in many similar stouts. Nitrogen is responsible for the soft creamy head. Most people in the world often think that this stout is black. However, this is not true as the ingredient combination actually make it an extremely dark red. It’s the roasted barley’s that are also responsible for the deepness of the color. Another common myth is that Guinness is served warm in Ireland. Sadly, this is not true because while it does taste better in room temperature, it is actually cold, but the serving glass is often tepid.

The Art Of Creating That Lies In Ingredients

Crafting a world class beer is no different to any other great work of art. It is not only about having the right skill set, but a vision for working with the best ingredients. Homegrown is always best and the same applies to this stout, where Irish barley is used in conjunction with hops, malt extract and brewers yeast also known as ale yeast. Water is then added to give the liquid form of the ale, along with lowered CO2 and higher nitrogen.