The Secrets of Irish Language

Ever wondered if we have been looking at the Irish language through the wrong microscope throughout the years? Many Irelanders have found themselves distancing themselves further and further away from the Irish tongue. As young students, many of us can remember dreading learning the language in class or be looking ridiculous trying to learn it by yourself. It seems the heartache associated with the Irish language has unfortunately been engrained into our psyche and souls. However, it may be important that Irelanders take a step back and re-evaluate the interpretation and the lens with which we dissect and devalue the language, looking at it from all angles and all dimensions may help us to re-appreciate the Irish.

Knowing What to Look for

Before we can even try to re-wire our modernized brains and our heart’s disdain for the language it is important to acknowledge some truths. This, of course, maybe to the displeasure of the grammarians and linguists within our society, but oh well. The first truth we need to understand is that Irish collects from a state where what is unseen is just as real as what is seen. The second is that the language explores other dimensions and lastly that it may be considered mystical and behavior altering.

Seeing Beyond All The Linguistics

As mentioned previously the three truths mentioned herein may of course not be universally accepted among Irelanders, however, if you are seeking to reconnect with this ancient language they will need to be in the forefront. One word that immediately comes to mind to prove these notions is the word sclimpíní, the word conveys what happens when a light is dancing in the forefront of someone’s eye. It is unknown whether this light is simply in our minds or part of another realm. This is just one of many words in the Irish language that gives meaning to some of the most bizarre things around us.